Patch of Spring Adonis flowers by the Cross

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Adonis Hike

  • Distance 11 km
  • Time 2 h 47 min
  • Speed 4 km/h
  • Min altitude 464 m
  • Peak 711 m
  • Climb 921 m
  • Descent 789 m
March 12, 2017
We lucked upon this hike today in the search for something different to do and enjoy the wonderful Spring weather. As we were driving across to Chamonix later in the afternoon to stay with friends we wanted to go for a walk somewhere en route.

Little did we know that the trail we chose is famed for its spring flowers, in particular the yellow Adonis flower. The trail starts just outside Saxon, climbs via a narrow road to a charming forest track which hung precipitously to the sides of the valley wending up and down through scrub oak woodland. After a bit the trail entered into apricot orchards and vineyards carved into the sides of the valley.

We thought that we had found the Adonis (not realising at the time it was yellow) and took some photos which I proudly showed to an older French gentleman near the apex of our hike. Only for him to point out that this was not Aodnis but ‘bluey’ flower. However he helpfully pointed out a small mount with a cross on top where said the flowers were to be found – still early in the season for them. We found the flowers and also some  beautiful patches of crocuses.

Enough excitement so time for lunch, found a great spot at the turning point of our walk overlooking the Rhone Valley down to Martigney – with a bench to sit on – we then took a higher path back to Saxon which provided great views up the valley towards Sion.

A great walk to do in the Spring