View across towards Grepon, can just see the poma we use

Today we were all set for a day downhill skiing in Verbier, after an early morning coffee in Siviez well ahead of the resort opening (to avoid parking congestion) we were lined up for the first lift only to find we didn’t have enough credits on our lift pass. Got out of line and recharged the passes, then got the quad up to Tortin base station only to find the bubble and gondola were both out of action. Decided not to hang around in very cold temps so headed off to Combatseline for a few quick runs, cafe stop and then as the sun had risen above the ridge line we headed over to Greppon.

Am so glad that we did not ski in Verbier as we had the luxury of first tracks down a number of gullies off the top of Greppon that no one else had been down and the snow was perfect. Apart from one, all of our runs were new to us, challenging as they were steep with roll offs and some narrow sections. We also had to take care of thin patches over rocks. Had a fabulous time.

Sat down for our sarnies just as the cloud started to roll in from the valley. The ski down from our ‘lookout’ to the piste in very low visibility was a bit disorientating and we decided to head down and call it quits. Many others were of the same mind but what was good was that although the run home was very busy all the skiers were being cautions and giving space to others.

Great day and good to be able to see our tracks on slopes unskied by others.