Jax at Cabane d’Aygues Cluses. Much colder than it looks!

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Lac de Coueyla

  • Distance 14 km
  • Time 3 h 26 min
  • Speed 4 km/h
  • Min altitude 1449 m
  • Peak 2156 m
  • Climb 824 m
  • Descent 753 m
February 28, 2017
A weather change was forecast for today – what a shock after all the sunny warm days we have had – with high winds, some fresh snow and colder temps. Only problem was we were not sure when the front would come through.

Decided on a tour up to some lakes at the head of a valley leading down into Tournaboup. Great thing was the wind direction was predicted to be at our backs on the way up with a change in direction round lunchtime across the valley – perfect.

After a lovely coffee at Franks Coffee shop at the base of the lifts we headed off on the road (D918) to the right of the river, thus avoiding all the skiers who tended to ski back down to the lifts on the opposite side. Crossed the river at the botanical gardens (Pont de la Gaube) and then broadly followed the GR10 trail up the Coubous river valley gradually gaining some height.

We crossed the river at Ponteau where there are a couple of trail choices one to the Cabane dets Coubous and one up to the Lac de Coueyla Gran. We decided on the latter and had a lovely skin through a winding narrow valley dotted with glacial boulders lakes (frozen) and the odd Cabane and a sluice gate which we had to work our way round. Bit nerve wracking esp on the way back as did not want to take a wrong turn and end up in the water!

Our destination was the Cabane d’Aygues Cluses, overlooking the lake. I think the touring from here would be fantastic. The sun came out and we found good shelter on the lee side of the Cabane for photos and sarnies. Good timing for our return as the wind picked up and it began snowing. After a long traverse we ended up having some fun turns back down where the snow pack had softened. Let’s hope for lots more snow overnight as tomorrow we are planing on letting the lifts take the strain at Gavarine.

See some photos of our day in the slideshow below