View from Col d’Bazes across the route towards Col de Cantau

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Col de Cantu

  • Distance 18 km
  • Time 4 h 34 min
  • Speed 4 km/h
  • Min altitude 1366 m
  • Peak 1542 m
  • Climb 898 m
  • Descent 600 m
February 23, 2017
Went back to Val D’Azun as the best place currently for X-C given the snow conditions and warm temperatures. Decided to head out a bit earlier which was a good call. The first 45 min were hard work as the snow had not softened up but we had a quick pace to the Cabane where we had tea and sarnies. Then caught the snow just right on the climb up to Col d’Bazes from which we could look down onto the Cabane.

Decided to keep going after some more tea and examining of the map and took the black traverse route round to the Cabane de Cantau. The snow cover round that side of the mountain was far less and we decided not to push on but retrace our ski-steps and have lunch back at the Col d’Bazes. Was happy that some of the return climb was in shade and generally a bit cooler than we had expected which was really welcome.

From the Col it was all downhill back to the car passing lots of family groups all out on the mountain enjoying themselves.

A lovey day in the mountains, sun shone, wind was non existent and views were magnificent. Finished off with a very welcome beer on the deck at the XCountry ski centre.

Some photos of our day in the mountains