View down the valley towards Geschinen where we started 

The overnight dump of snow that was forecast never materialised so we decided to do a morning XC ski on our backcountry skis in the area around Prarion. Lovely morning, unfortunately hotspots reappeared with my boots and even with Compead was not able to prevent blisters forming. Mike also got a blister.

We decided, after a bit of discussion, to head up to Obergoms the next day (Friday) to source some ‘trail’ skis and boots for him rather than relying on being able to get them when we got to Austria for our mini break. I am pleased we did as there is a distinct lack of XC shops here. Did not realised that it is primarily an alpine resort even though it is rated amongst the top Nordic areas in Austria.

Went to the same shop I visited last year for my skis, and Mike decided to go for the same as I am very happy with them. All done in a Jiffy so we headed out on the groomed track for a lovely day. Obergoms has lots of snow this year, the sun was shining, no wind and conditions were perfect. Had late lunch at the golf club – some tasty soup, before heading back home to get ourselves prepared for the drive to Austria. A good day as we covered about 20km.