Mike overlooking Ski area from first cabin on way to Pas du Chèvre 

Not only have we been snowshoeing the last 2 days, but I am also the proud owner of a new pair of MSR Lightning Ascent ladies snowshoes – Mikes are on order!

Jacqui dancing in the snow up to second cabin

Yesterday we decided to revisit a hike we did last year behind Siviez up to the Pas du Chèvre. Beautiful sunny day, and unlike last year when we had to make our own tracks for half the trail in fresh snow, this year a trail had already been packed down by ski tourers and the odd snowshoer. Much easier in parts, however, on a couple of steeper traverses I felt uncomfortable with the traction provided by my Tubbs Explorer snowshoes. They are better for deep snow on rolling terrain and not technical sections.

Separately we have had a failure in the valve for Mike’s Exped inflatable camping mattress. As it is is Swiss company we thought it would be easiest to source a dealer in Sion and sort it out whilst we are here. So this mornings adventure was a trip into town with a double agenda: return the mattress for repairs and research snowshoes. Successful on both counts.

This afternoon after some yummy homemade carrot soup I knocked up yesterday, we headed off to the woods above Nendaz to give my snowshoes a try out and for Mike to confirm the size he wanted. Thumbs up for new purchase. They grip really well and are much lighter. Also as they are narrower and shorter I have a more normal gait, and on the packed snow we currently have flotation is similar to my Tubbs. So the Tubbs will be for powder days and MSR for more technical or hardpack days. Am very lucky!